Rendering Queues in Unity

Ahmed Schrute
2 min readJan 25, 2020
Render Queues used to control drawing orders of objects, Source: kie

A lot of times, we need to render certain objects(Player, Gem …etc) to the front even there is an object overlaying our main object.

Controlling the drawing order of objects in Unity can be achieved using Rendering queues.

RenderingQueue Example, Source: BrightBit

Rendering Queue is a way of specifying which objects to render first by using tags assigned to the shader.

Unity has 5 default Rendering Queue tags:

1.Background (1000)

2.Geometry (2000)

3.Alpha test (2450)

4.Transparent (3000)

5.Overlay (4000)

You can assign the rendering queue tag to the shader by including this line in the shader or specifying it in the inspector.

Tags {“Queue” = “Geometry”}

You can have a specific value for your tag by setting it in the shader

Tags {“Queue” = “Geometry+100”}

Render queue value should be in [0..5000] range to work properly, or -1 to use the render queue from the shader.